One of the Worst Speakers Made

A man name Steven Stone , who has had many years of experience when it comes to audio, complains that Joly speakers are the worst speakers he have ever heard. According to the article this company falsified the truth behind the performance of their product, typically saying how great they're. Even played on full volume, the bass is so unsatisfying.

The setup of the Joly speakers are truly tacky, if I must say. Sometimes the way a product looks, can give a person an idea of the performance. That's why in food service the rule is make the plate presentable because presentation is everything. When it comes to looking at an apartment , if there are holes every where and chipped paint that's unbearable. A person most likely wouldn't want the apartment unless they have no preference at all or no choice. The point is no matter what the situation is in life the way things are presented says a lot about the item, person, whatever the topic. I try to put up an icon smashing the other icon on the hand with a hammer. But for some reason it didn't display. That's what need to be done to those speakers , if they're as horrible as she says. I'm a music fanatic and love loud music , especially in a car with the bass booming. I would be disappointed.

On the other hand the Juno Violin Speakers were successful. These speakers bring out the true meaning of quality in the music. They look unique as well.:applause:

Check it out @, the original wording from Steven Stone himself.
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I am always amazed at "audiophiles". I used to be one. Until I studied, trained and started my own sound company. Then I realized that much of the so-called audiophile items were pure hype and imaginary goodness. Giant power cables to make sure your gear gets ample power? But the cable from the wall plug to the gear is larger than the cable feeding the entire home! Only costs $500 each!
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