Evaluation: One-Season Wonders!

So True Detective is going to return for a second season but with 3 new leads and a completely different story and set-up. We're not even sure if Fargo is going to return for a second season but we know Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman won't be back.

Do you like this trend of shows with new characters/stories each season? Do you want more of the first season in the second?


I thought this was going to be an entirely different thread when I read the subject (my mind went to things like Firefly that only lasted a season total)!

I haven't seen True Detective or Fargo, so I'm not sure how those will pan out. But I think the format works for American Horror Story, to use some of the same cast in different roles. I think more shows could benefit from this "anthology" approach -- in particular Revenge and Once Upon a Time have struggled at times to keep the story going. OUAT sorta did this anyway, with the story taking place in different realms in different seasons, and trying a spinoff, but they could have planned it better.
Totally agree with you about Revenge. I actually thought the pilot was a stand-alone anthology play and that we were going to get a new variation on 'revenge' every week a la Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I suspect Fargo might do something similar to American Horror Story, not least because they're on the same network! The supporting cast are incredibly popular so I think FX would be remiss not to retain them.
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