One Single Channel Works - XFinity

I have been having problems with channels for a while now. There are certain ones that pretty much always work, some that work one day and not the next, and some that just never work. Early yesterday (Tuesday) I went to bed with many of the channels I normally watch working. When I woke up later in the day I had 1, single, solitary channel that is working (ESPN HD, 202 here). It's one that pretty much always does, and it's SNR is only around 30. SNR for most channels is usually 28-30, working or not.

I have unplugged/plugged more times than I can count. I've added brand new cables, I've added brand new splitters (just added a new one about 20 minutes ago). No other channel (SD or HD) works (ESPN2, 203 and TNT, 204 come up but are so scrambled you can't really call them working). Every single other channel gives the "available shortly" message. On Demand does not let me watch anything either.

I can only watch so much ESPN. It's all I've watched for the past 12 hours.

This question, "One Single Channel Works," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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