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This question is about "Ongoing service issues; higher level escalation needed", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. I've had ongoing issues with service and I feel like it's reached a point where higher level assistance is needed. I've posted about most of the service issues here, but some of the recurring issues include OnDemand starting with no audio and frequent "GST-1000 settings unavailable. "

The last service escalation I requested only stayed open for 4 days at the most before being closed. What I find unacceptable is that the department the escalation ticket was sent to, doesn't need to make any effort to contact the customer. The ticket was closed because "issues could not be duplicated. "

I'm frustrated that the only solution being offered is to simply replace the box. This doesn't take into account that I lose everything on the DVR and nobody seems to understand what's the point of having a DVR if everytime there's an issue, just simply replace the box without trying to understand the cause of the issues.

I have not had a single month of perfect service. I'm now wondering if maybe I need to simply look at other TV options if Spectrum isn't going to provide reliable service.

I will schedule a service call, but I don't want to be charged for the service call. While both Spectrum representatives and others here in the forums state that Spectrum does NOT charge for service calls, that hasn't prevented a service call charge from appearing on a previous bill.

The root cause of these issues need to be identified and resolved.

This topic covered Ongoing service issues; higher level escalation needed, and TWC cable tv service.
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