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Recently picked up, from Xfinity, a new small box (not the DVR box) to replace a defective one that went bad. I have an Onkyo DVD player that I am trying to sync to my Xfinity XR2 remote. I tried the two codes (31965, 30135) that were provided in the pamphlet. Neither worked. I believe they are receiver codes vs. DVD codes. Tried the "search and fine your code". That didn't work either. Found a couple of 5 digit codes (20503 and 20627) for Onkyo DVD players online but the XR2 wont let me enter them. Apparently they start with a 2xxxx and that's not an option. Any ideas??

This question, "Onkyo dvd codes for XR2 remote," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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