ONKYO HT-S6200 7.1-Channel Home Theater System


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My friend is looking to purchase a home theater system and need your advice to choose the best on. His budget is around $500. He already has a blu-ray player. After going through online research, he is looking at the Onkyo HT-S6200 7.1 which is selling on Newegg.com right now for $550. Wondering should he go with just a 7.1 receiver and 5 speakers. And the other 2 speakers later when he move into a big living room (recently his living room is 12 X 13)?


Don't buy anything until you test it. Go to the store and listen to it. You won't get the same sound as you would in your house but maybe you can get an idea how good it is. If they have a return policy take it home and test it there. Test several then buy the one you like. 5 channel with subwoofers is pretty good. 7 channel is over kill.

I am building my own system 4 IB subwoofers shipped to my door is about $1000. I still have to buy the rest of the speakers and the amp.

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