Onkyo TX-NR929 AV Receiver Review

The release of the Onkyo TX-NR929 AV Receiver has just been announced. The fully loaded device is expected to incorporate dozens of features including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a 9-channel system which is sure to add value for a lot of customers.

View attachment 2422 With 20 years in the home theater and receiver business, it’s safe to say that the TX-NR929 AV Receiver will be of very high standards.

In short, these receivers are designed to shed a whole new light on the world of home entertainment. The value of added cinema experience straight from their own living room and experience technology not previously seen in other devices. Consumers should keep in mind that Onkyo has worked with some of the top THX engineers in the world.

They’ve vigorously tested all of their products to ensure that they meet powerful standards. All of their home theater products are visually appealing, crisp in sound, and can preserve the look and feel of almost any movie. The TX-NR929 AV Receiver went through more than 2,000 tests before becoming available to the general public.

On Sale Now at Amazon: $999.00

Features and Performance
Fortunately, Onkyo has delivered far more than what customer’s originally expected with their new receivers. They’ve incorporated Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi, and wireless audio. Here are a few other features that you should know about:
- Wi-Fi built directly into the receivers. This allows consumers to seamlessly stream audio from their mobile devices include Androids or iPhones. You can even stream data straight from your personal laptop or desktop computer.
- Bluetooth technology is extremely convenient. Not to mention, it loads extremely fast and is ideal for audio streaming. All data passes through top-of-the line audio and visual processing platforms, some of which are used by industries like Marvell.
- MultEQXT32. Basically, you’ll be able to experience equalization that mimics room acoustics and which sounds crisp and clean to the ears. These receivers offer 9 inputs for HDMI purposes and two outputs.

Considering its price, the TX-NR929 AV Receiver is well worth the investment and does offer a relatively long lifespan.

Bottom Line
If you’re searching for receivers that push the boundaries in regards to home entertainment then look no further than this device. It offers a multitude of channels, surround-sound playback, and nine channels that are available for regular or HDMI use.

This receiver is also highly capable of producing high-definition video and can seamlessly integrate with any mobile device. Finally, it’s also able to stream with certain Internet radio channels and online streaming networks.