Only receiving 2 DTV channels


DTVUSA Jr. Member
thanks for answering me on here. i live an hour from rockford, illinois channels, and half an hour from madison channels. we are on a first floor apt, and have a garage right across from our living room window, traffic from interstate 90 too. my zip code for the man who wanted it is 53545, thanks i hope u can help me, we only can pick up 2 channels, and our neighbors picked up 14 channels here. what do u think i can do to get some more channels, and we are using rabbit ears antenna. is it maybe my dtv box, that we bought at walmart?
does your antenna have the 'ring' for UHF? or is it just two dipoles that extend? if you don't have both the ring and dipoles you're not going to see all the channels, esp in your case you're getting VHF bands but not UHF.

Also remember that most older antennas without pre-amps just don't cut it. digital signals need to be almost spot-on to work, just like satellite; they need to be at least 50%-80% to hold a stable picture and not fluctuate.
Indoor will not work for you. I suggest an outdoor antenna perferably the antennas direct 91-xg mounted with a channel master 9251a rotator should give you about 26 channels:) if you want more add the wineguard 4800 pre amp and you could get several more it should get out to 75+ miles