Opening Live Vocals on 'The Voice': Blake Shelton vs Adam Levine (Review)


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For the first round of the live performances on 'The Voice,' it was Team Blake Shelton versus Team Adam Levine. The thing about performance shows like this one is that what is liked or not liked is very subjective. This is my take on the good and bad from my personal musical taste buds.

Newlywed Shelbie Z from Team Blake wore a stunning red dress as she revved up Fancy. It was fun, saucy, and totally to my liking.

Team Adam's James Wolpert took his "super simple arrangement" ability to sing A Case of You accompanying himself on the guitar. It really didn't live up to his potential, though. He's capable of much more.

Originally part of Team Adam but stolen by Blake Shelton, Nic Hawk sang Blurred Lines with a bit rap and his own unique quirkiness. It's not my style but you have to admire his pep and enthusiasm for what does.

Ray Boudreaux, another member of Team Blake, sang Home. It was a very engaging number during which he made the most of the audience's presence by interacting quite a bit with them throughout the song.

Team Blake's Austin Jenckes sang She Talks to Angels. He was pretty spot on, but for whatever reason, it didn't spark much in me. I like this guy, though, and see potential in him.

From Team Adam, wedding singer Grey performed Still into You. She had the audience on their feet with this upbeat song. Even so, her voice sounded weak to me and I wasn't impressed with her.

Another member of Team Adam, Will Champlin sang One Republic's Secrets. He did his own arrangement on the piano. He's one of these guys you want to root for because his back story is so emotional. I liked it, but it's really not a performance I'd listen to again.

Preston Pohl of Team Adam was given the song Nothing on You. He's another seemingly nice guy you want to root for, but again, the delivery just didn't reach me, especially on the rap section.

Team Blake was up again with Cole Vosbury, who sang the theme song from 'The Jeffersons' in his blind audition. He sang Maggie May. Another one of those who played the guitar, the song was fun and so enjoyable. This guy is a winner.

Jamaican-born Tessanne Chin from Team Adam was the last to perform. She sang Many Rivers to Cross and proved why she deserves to stay on The Voice. This song was an excellent choice. I've been hearing it a lot lately because my favorite singer, Alfie Boe, is performing it on his new CD, Trust, that is out this month.

More live performances air tonight at 9pm on NBC.