Oprah: the DVD


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As I've watched this two day event of this big surprise party for Oprah, I kept wondering -- when is the DVD coming out? It screams for one, one in which the whole thing is shown, not just the cuts we saw. They can donate the proceeds to school in Africa and the reading program in the US. This has been the most stellar event I've seen that isn't because someone is dead or near death. I think every who's who of worth was there except maybe Paul McCartney. LOL Maybe it will air on OWN as a concert special.


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I can't watch Oprah any more, because without pay TV, I can't get the OWN. I'm very sad. :Cry:
// sarcasm.

Woo hoo! No more Oprah! (Too bad they will probably show reruns in syndication for all eternity)