Oprah's OWN to show 'All My Children' and 'One Lift to Live'


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Big news for the soap world, primarily fans of the former ABC shows One Life to Live and All My Children. It was announced this week that the 40 episodes already filmed will be shown on OWN, Oprah Winfrey's cable channel.

View attachment 2471 Produced by Prospect Park, both daytime dramas took quite a lot to make it back to the point where new episodes were filmed and made available to the public. There were contractual issues with ABC and stars to negotiate with, but ultimately, the two shows began airing earlier this year with a loyal audience tuning in.

Learning as they go along, Prospect Park announced not long ago that fewer shows would air per week. Just recently, they made another change, saying that the abundance of profanity that had been heard on the programs was being eliminated, a response to audience feedback that overwhelmingly indicated it wasn't what viewers wanted.

This latest news puts OLTL and AMC back on the TV canvas and who knows what can come after that. Starting July 15, the half hour shows will air at 1pm (AMC) and 3pm (OLTL). Referred to as binge watching, an entire week's worth of shows will air back to back for ten weeks.

Winfrey has long been a soap fan and did a cameo on AMC back in 1984.