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Matt In Roanoke VA

Hi, I'm Matt. I just cut the cable and bought a package from ChannelMaster.com with a Tivo Edge (which is working well), some cable, and an antenna. In a last-ditch effort to utilize the already-installed older antenna that came with the house, I was able to figure out the proper set up with the countless cables I have running through my house and managed to get a fair amount of channels. However, there is one local channel, CBS, that I don't have, which confuses me. My neighbor across the street uses an antenna and gets the channel fine. Granted his is newer 180 degree antenna. We also live in the mountains and his antenna is raised more than mine, but not a huge amount higher. When I was on customer support ordering my antenna, the rep actually recommended against the 180 and 360 designs, suggesting this:

UHF/VHF/FM Digital HDTV Outdoor TV Antenna-Channel Master CM 3016 (CM3016)

This is what I have downstairs, still in the box. So, a few questions...should I bite the bullet and install the new antenna, or is my current one likely fine? Can I get the local CBS channel that's missing with the old antenna? Can I get it with the new antenna? Should I get additional equipment, like an amp to help my current set up?

I was pretty surprised that the signal came in because the cable that is coming out of the antenna is pretty wore out, so I bought some new cable as well, but haven't installed it since I have several channels coming in (around 25). Any feedback on this would be appreciated too.

Last, I ran the RabbitEars report on my location and the missing channel has the following information:

Channel 7‑1 (30) CBS ROANOKE VA
Transmitter Distance(miles): 6.8
Direction (True): 252.1°
Direction (Magnetic): 260.8°
Field Strength (dbuV/m): 69.49, Fair
Signal Margin (Db): 29.17
Repack Info: L
Any and all feedback is much appreciated folks.

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