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I'm baffled by difficulty tuning in KTTV 11 and KCOP 13 at my home in Irvine, CA. I have no trouble watching KABC 7. Both stations transmit from Mount Wilson which is about 40 miles away. My antenna is the Clearstream 5 which is advertised as being an ideal antenna for channels 7-13. Some things that I have tried:

Installing an FM trap.
Using a compass to aim the antenna at 325 degrees
Adding an amplifier at the antenna
eliminating unnecessary connections
moving the antenna from the attic to an outdoor 10' mast.

KABC comes in great. What's also puzzling is that KABC is listed on Wikipedia as having a lower transmitter power than both KTTV and KCOP.

Any suggestions of explanations?

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If you post your free online antenna survey here, we would be happy to study it and make suggestions. Please go to TV Fool and enter your information including the maximum possible height where you could have an antenna. Then, copy the resulting URL and post it here.

Sometimes reception can be tricky and a black art: as an example, I receive one channel on a dedicated antenna that must be located within an 18" height range, about 12' over my rooftop. Any higher or lower and I get no reception.



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If you live in Irvine proper, and not in the hills to the south or north there isn't any spot that shouldn't put you in the green (indoor antenna area) for either of those stations. Your actual TV Fool report would be greatly appreciated?

Have you tried a rabbit ear antenna like the RCA ANT111 or ANT112 (available at Walmart for less than $10)? That would help establish a baseline. My thought at the moment is either multipath (a distorted signal) or overload (too much signal).


more details from Irvine

Thanks for the quick reply. Here is my tvfool report.

TV Fool

I also noticed that I'm not getting channel 9 either. Channel 7 is the only one I can get in the 7-13 range. I also have a UHF only antenna which I normally connect with the Clearstream 5 via a UHF/VHF combiner. But I have bypassed all of that until I get this issue with the high VHF channels figured out. Thanks for the help.

Scott in Irvine.


For $21 plus $6 shipping you can get an Antennas Direct YA5-7-13 yagi from

Try one of these instead of the Clearstream.

You also might try a different TV set to see if it picks up the pesky channels.

Basically to trouble shoot something of this nature you replace or alter elements in the system until one of them changes your results.

Move the antenna around on the roof, change elevations, point the antenna other directions, change coaxial cables.
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