Osama bin Laden Dead? News Coverage?


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I see that a ton of people are chatting on twitter about Osama bin Laden being dead or killed, yet I don't see any news coverage on TV yet. Can anyone confirm this?

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AM Radio breaking news says confirmed, as of the 7PM Newscast. Killed a week ago by a US "aerial strike" (no details) has been in US hands for a week: DNA tests have been done to verify it is the SOB.

Update: Obama says it was a ground assault on a 'compound' and a firefight.
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It began about 7:45pm in California. That's when the first news came that he was dead. The local channels all handled it differently.



They dumped the evidence into the ocean?

I don't believe it, but just to be on the safe side I'm taking sea food out of my diet list for awhile.

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