Oscar Winner ‘Gravity’ Available on Redbox March 25

Oscar winner ‘Gravity” will be available on Redbox March 25. The 2013 British and American science fiction and drama won a total of seven awards at the Oscars and was the eighth highest grossing movie of 2013. It almost seems like Hollywood has been teasing us; however, since the awards show. First we had the long anticipated release of ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire,’ and then the hit animation, ‘Frozen’ that hit Redbox kiosks and Redbox Instant on March 18th. If you were not able to see ‘Gravity’ in the box office, then make sure you mark your calendar so that you can either sign-up for Redbox Instant service (if you don’t already have it), or reserve an HD copy of the movie at your local kiosk before opening day.

If you do decide to try out the Redbox Instant by Verizon service, you can enjoy the first month of service at no charge under a trial offer. Redbox is also providing four free DVD kiosk rentals to customers who sign-up under a new plan with the company.

Summary of the Movie ‘Gravity’
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‘Gravity’ takes place during a somewhat made-up space shuttle mission called STS-157. Sandra Bullock plays the role of Dr. Ryan Stone who is a medical engineer on her first shuttle mission on-board the ‘Explorer.’ George Clooney plays the role of veteran, Matt Kowalski who is over-seeing his final mission to space. While they pair are conducting a spacewalk to service the Hubble Telescope, Mission Control alerts them to a Russian missile strike against an old satellite. This has resulted in a cloud of debris that is posing a danger to the shuttle and to the space station. Shortly after the warning, all communications with Mission Control are lost. 'Gravity' follows Bullock and Clooney throughout the resulting situation. During the 2014 Oscars, ‘Gravity’ was in the running for a large number of the award categories against films of all genres. The movie includes a mix of star power, cutting-edge science fiction, and drama to satisfy most movie goers. If you missed the movie while it was showing live, then picking it up via Redbox rental won’t be a wasted evening!

How Can You Watch ‘Gravity’?

Beginning with the release of ‘Gravity’ onto Redbox on March 25th, you will have three primary ways to checkout the movie. First, you can simply reserve a copy of the movie at one of your local Redbox kiosks and pick-up when you get off work or out of school. Second, is to signup for Redbox Instant if you haven’t previously been a subscriber or do not have an active membership with the company. Thirdly, you can just buy the movie at a brick-n-mortar store or via an online merchant such as Amazon once it is released. At the time of this writing, the Redbox Instant service will run consumers approximately $8 per month after the first month of service is complete (the first month is free).