Oscar Winner 'Frozen' Available on Redbox March 18

For families (or even those who just like modern animations) who have been waiting to see when the Oscar award winning movie, ‘Frozen,’ was going to be released on Redbox and for purchase, you are in luck! Not even two weeks after the release of ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire,’ ‘Frozen’ will now be available for fans to checkout on Redbox Instant or via the Redbox kiosk on DVD starting on March 18th. If you aren't able to make it by a kiosk on the 18th, then an increasingly popular option for movie rental fans has been to try out Redbox Instant here lately if you have broadband in the home (high speed Internet). In order to entice new customers to try out the service, Redbox by Verizon is offering the first month of service for free as well as including four free DVD kiosk rentals with new plans.

Summary of the Movie ‘Frozen’

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‘Frozen’ features Elsa, who is the princess of Arendelle. She is capable of creating both ice and snow; however, one night she inadvertently injures her sister Anna. Her parents, the king and queen, are able to obtain help from trolls in the area who help them heal Anna as well as remove any memory that she has of her sister’s magic. After her sister is healed, the royal couple isolates the girls in the castle until Elsa gains control over her powers. As a result, Elsa spends most of her time in her room way from her sister (who she is afraid of hurting again). By the time the girls hit their teen years, things aren’t good between them. Then, tragedy strikes when their parents die while at sea during a storm.

Once Else is of the right age, the entire kingdom prepares for her coronation. Anna is finally allowed out of the castle and meets Prince Hans of the Southern Isles who proposes to her during the post-coronation reception. Elsa; however, refuses to grant her blessing for the sudden marriage and while the sisters argue, Elsa’s powers are put on display. In a panic, Elsa flees the palace and accidentally places an eternal winter on the kingdom. Once she reaches the mountains, Elsa creates herself an ice palace and brings to life Anna and her childhood snowman, Olaf.

Anna subsequently goes off to find her sister while teaming up with mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer, Sven. The movie follows her epic tale across severe winter conditions in a race to save the kingdom from winter.
The Chris Buck directed film will be available in widescreen format and is rated PG due to mild rude humor and some action scenes.

How to Watch ‘Frozen’

Starting on March 18th, there will be three primary methods for you to watch ‘Frozen.’ The fastest method is signing up for Redbox Instant if you are not already a subscriber. Tied for second-place is renting the movie from a Redbox kiosk (don’t forget to reserve ‘Frozen’ once it is available via the Redbox website), and third (tied for second really) is to purchase the movie online or at a brick-n-mortar store that carries the title. If you decide to subscribe to Redbox Instant, it will cost you approximately $8 USD after you enjoy your free first month of service.