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Hi All,

I have dropped my satellite TV and am planning to put an antenna in the attic with hopes of getting some good channels for free. I am new to this, so I'm wondering if some of you experts might help me make some decisions. Here's my data:

TV Fool Data Link:
TV Fool

Antenna Location:
Attic, ~15ft above ground

Leftover from Directv install

Cable length to TV:
60 to 70 ft

Desired Channels:
Main ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox channels
Would really like to get BYUtv and KBYU

1 TV set, no splitters, no rotator

Main questions:
Which antenna would be best (I'm willing to pay a bit more to get BYUtv/KBYU)?
Should I get a pre-amplifier? If so do you have a specific unit you would recommend?
I won't have power at the antenna, but I've heard of power over coax, I think.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give!


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Hey, Shake, and greetings from Nibley, UT.

Your best bet is a four bay antenna with the reflector removed. It will get you Cache County (South) and Franklin County (North) translators. You *May* also get the first three stations to the west, but if you're mostly interested in the major networks, that will do it.

If you have a DirecTV dish up that has a clear view of the north and south, then remove the dish and mount the antenna on the J-pipe mount. Forget about an amplifier, big waste of money unless you're going to more than 2 TV sets.

I have some 2 bay and other antennas for sale here that will work for you, but I because you are right in the middle of the valley, I'd recommend the four bay with no reflector. You can buy a commercial one, or I can build one for you for $50. PM me if you're interested. Click the link below for CacheFreeTV and go to the "Sales and install" page to see the 4 bay I make.

I get 35 channels here in Nibley, you should get about 30+.

You will get BYU from both the north and south, so no worries there.


Hi! It's good to hear from someone so close.

Can you tell me the dimensions of your 4-bay antenna? I may be putting it in the attic. My Directv mount is slightly below rooftop on the south side of the house. If the 4-bay is too large for the attic. Is there a compact version somewhere that draws just as good?



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The for bay is 24" x 36", and only 20" x 36 without the reflector. As long as you have an attic opening with a diagonal measure of over 24", it will fit. It should be okay in the attic, as long as there is nothing to interfere (ductwork, metal roof, foil backing on insulation, etc). Get it as high as possible.

I would still tell you to get that antenna outside. The dish mount will come down easy, there are 6 screws max. Remove the mount, patch the holes with weatherproof caulk, and move the mount to the top of the roof, making sure to put weatherproof caulking around the new holes. Put the antenna on it and run enough coax to connect to the original cable and connect the 2 cables with a joiner (female to female) like this:
I'll throw one in if you need one.

Another option, if you'll be happy with just the stations from Cache county (includes BYU, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CW, Fox, KJZZ, and a bunch of others), is a commercial built 2- bay that I have in stock - for $30. Mount it on your dish mount where it is now, and point it directly toward Mt Pisgah at 180 degrees magnetic. Hook it into your dish wiring, and done. You may have to replace a switch in your cabling with a splitter - they're real cheap. you only lose channels 3, 8, and 10 and their subchannels from Franklin county doing it this way.

You can also search Amazon for 4 bay commercial antennas. You'll just have to remove the reflector screen if you want "all" the channels.


Would you still recommend a 4 bay antenna for Hyde Park area? We are currently building and are in the early electrical installation and could customize easily at this point.


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Yes, a four bay should work in Hyde Park, UT - as long as you aren't too high on the bench. Are you able to see Mt Pisgah from your location?

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