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i know dish has the dtvpal dvr but do I have to be on dish networks programming to use that box or is it just a dvr made from dish for ota only use
and also I have directv right now with a hd dvr ota tuner built in and it sucks it doesn't allow for sub channels so my nbc that is 4-2 here is 5-1 on my directv guide and gets 0% signal but on my dtv converter box I watch it just fine on 4-2 anyone else use the directv dvr boxes or have any suggestions not to chage topics on this forumn but its the only ota dvr post's i found
regular dtv converter box i get all channels on directv hd dvr built in ota tuner I get pbs and some spanish channels only why is that and what can I do change antenna's maybe?


The dtv dvr is a standalone device and you do not need to be a Dish subscriber to purchase and use this technology. There are significant differences in tuner sensivity that may be playing a role here. From what I've read, the directv tuners are very good for those with strong signals (as you have from your tv fool). IMO, your best bet is to use the directv dvr but improve reception from your antenna (may include new antenna, different location, new cable wiring, and a pre-amp). Don M is our Colorado expert and I'm sure he'll reply in your other thread.


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I Second This Question

I wish Tivo would put a better tuner in their units. What kind of tuner is in the Dish DTVpal DVR?
I have the same question, as I explore OTA DVR options. I know that late generation ATSC chips have improved multipath handling (better robustness). Since the EchoStar (eh, DVDPal) seems a fairly recent market entry, it might be their front end includes improved devices.

A second question, in comparing to the Tivo, is: "Will the TiVo HD DVR harvest the EPG info in the OTA PSIP stream for presentation in "Lineup" menus? I spoke to one Tivo Technical support person, and they said "No", then a second one said "Yes".

My question is directed to anyone who has ever plugged in a TiVo HD DVR from scratch. What was your experience with the EPG Menus? Are they populated, or not?

The FCC requires a minimum of 18 hours advance EPG info, but many broadcasters go out as far as a week. So, there is no technical reason why the info can't be harvested and presented. The obvious business reason that TiVo might not do it, of course, is that you'd hardly need their service (their recurring revenue stream).

Thanks in advance to anyone with first hand experience to share!


My understanding is that the TiVo S3 was designed with some of the best tuners available on the market at the time. The problem was not the tuners, but the system designed around the tuners, which was not designed to be robust enough given the superlatively sensitive tuners in the device. That has, luckily, been exceedingly remedied over time.

TiVo S2, TiVo S3 and TiVo HD all require TiVo service, and therefore exclusively rely on that TiVo service for program guide data. There is no consideration, whatsoever, for utilizing EPG.