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TV Fool Report: TV Fool

We're a young couple who recently cut the cord with Comcast. We're still using their internet service but would like to get an antenna to pick up the news (channels 19, 31 and 48 - CBS, ABC and NBC) in case the internet goes out during tornadic weather, just as it did last night. In a pinch, I took a spool of wire and connected it to the TV and was able to pick up three WFIQ (PBS) channels: 36 HD, 36.1 and 36.2

We've got an old DirecTV dish on a pole about 5 feet off the ground behind the apartment. I thought maybe the dish would amplify the signal but research has taught me that no, such a parabolic dish will not amplify TV signals. Now I'm thinking of a rooftop-mounted antenna, but it can't be too big (don't want the neighbors or the landlord complaining about an obnoxiously large antenna mounted on the building) or expensive (per the wife).

Keep in mind that I'm totally new at this and therefore know nothing so please excuse my ignorance. :p

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