OTA Homes Include 46 Million Consumers


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From The Article:
According to new research by Knowledge Networks, the number of Americans now relying exclusively on over-the-air (OTA) television broadcasting in their home increased to almost 46 million, up from 42 million a year ago. The recently completed survey also found that the demographics of broadcast-only households skew towards younger adults, minorities and lower-income families.

The 2011 Ownership Survey and Trend Report, part of the Home Technology Monitor research series, found that 15% of all U.S. households with TVs rely solely on over-the-air signals to watch TV programming; this compares with 14% of homes reported as broadcast-only for the previous three years. Overall, KN estimates that more than 17 million households representing 45.6 million consumers receive television exclusively through broadcast signals.

The survey found a small but notable number of homes that have canceled pay TV service at their current home. According to the study, 4% of TV households, which translates to 5 million TV households, eliminated pay TV service in their current home at some point in the past and now rely only on over-the-air reception. Of these homes, most report overall cost-cutting (71%) or not enough value for cost (30%) as the reason for doing so (respondents could give more than one reason).

The survey found some minority groups are more dependent on broadcast reception than the general population, including one-fourth of Asian households and 17% of African-American households. In addition, 23% of Hispanic homes are broadcast-only, a proportion that increases to 27% among homes in which Spanish is the language of choice. In all, minorities make up 40% of all broadcast-only homes.

Homes headed by younger adults are also more likely to access TV programming exclusively through broadcast signals. Twenty percent of homes with a head of household age 18-34 are broadcast only, compared with 15% of homes in which the head of household is 35-54, or 13% of homes in which the head of household is 55 years of age or older.
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