Question: OTA reception in rain?


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In recent weeks, I have successfully installed an antenna in the attic, run it to a distribution amplifier, and have been getting a rock-solid signal on two TVs and a TiVo.

At this moment, we are experiencing a severe thunderstorm--the kind where the wind makes the rain blow uphill, and our front yard is getting soggy. Those of you who live in Florida know what I mean.

Suddenly, the channels that were working perfectly are going in and out. Is this to be expected? And more importantly, is there a cure?


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On occassion the same thing happens to my reception and there's little that can be done to improve your reception. The transmitted signals are either being dampened (no pun intended) or 'absorbed', or more likely its like looking through a clear shower curtain with water droplets on the plastic: you can see through the curtain but the images are partly blocked by the droplets and the 'damaged' signals your TVs are receiving are too confused for your tuners to reassemble them into images.

Sometimes, differences in air temperatures between weather fronts can also 'bend', reflect or damage signals as well.



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The only "easy" possible fix would be to move your Antenna to the highest point available in the attic. And, make sure that it's on the transmitter side of any A/C or other electrical equipment.


The dry roofing material cuts the incoming signal at least in half. When you add a layer of water to that you are dropping below the digital cliff.

Put the antenna outside on the open air where it can get full use of the available signal.

In reality, you attic install is only partially successful.
Is there any chance a preamplifier would help? I really can't have the antenna outside.

Not likely to help much. Running a preamp on top of a distribution amp in most cases is not a good idea. If you do try a preamp it would probably be best if you eliminate the distribution amp from the mix.