OTA Recording Device With Magnovox MWR 10D6

Ok one of the things I got addicted to (which I'm trying to resolve) until I get one of these nice Channel Master OTA DVRs is figuring out what's up with my Magnovox DVD/Recorder MWR 10D8...for the time being I was gonna still use this but I realize that my TV doesn't have a OUTPUT from the TV....and the Indoor Antenna I currently have runs into the power strip as a makeshift booster....NOW I REALIZE that the recorder ISN"T DTV ready...anyone got a work around to be about to still record with adding a freaking 50 dollar converted between the two....?


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My media computer is currently being replaced, so I have a DTVpal hooked up to an older analog tuner Samsung DVD-r / VCR combo. It's the only converter I have that will tune a channel on schedule. Makeshift for sure, it requires me to set BOTH the DTVpal AND the DVD-r for the same time, and the Samsung clock loses a few minutes every month. But I only record a few shows a week, so it works.

You can do it with a standard converter box, but you'll have to tune the box to the channel you want to record and set the timer on the DVD-r and you can record anything from that ONE channel.

I think all TV recording devices should have a tuner built - in. It's pretty stupid to make a dvd/vhs recorder that can only record from another device - I can't even back up my old VHS tapes to DVD with the Samsung because it won't copy any copy-protected tapes.
So basically I'm gonna have to a tuner in between the TV and the Recorder regardless hugh.....oh I sooo need to get that outdoor set up ready lol....does Dish still make that DTVPal box..? or is OTA DVR limited to just the Channel Master box? You said above you have a "pal??


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DTVpal was an SD converter box made by Dish. The DTVPal DVR is it's "big brother", a dual tuner DVR.The CM-7000pal DVR unit is a rebranded version of that, and seems to be better made.

The DTVpal is no longer made, and I don't know of any other one like it in it's price range. Sadly, not many manufacturers want to spend the few meager dollars to put a decent program guide TV or converter box, or DTV tuner in a DVD-r / VCR.

After all, nobody watches free OTA TV anymore (Sarcasm)
It took me forever here to figure everything out but with a addional splitter, a converter box and cord fiddling I FINALLY got my old Magnovox MWR 10D6 to record. Of course it's per channel, per program but it works pretty well.....the sad thing will be what happens when the last of the recorders kick it .....I've found one off WalMart.com with the HDD harddrive I'm actually considering cashing out some money for ...presonally I think it'll be worth it .....