Our satallite has not been working... - DirecTV

We have had so many problems with our satallite not working. I have called customer service (could hear a man yelling in the background one time- super odd). And we have reset the receiver. Our internet(different company) has been great. Our satellite is the error message we get. For weeks now. And it's not bad weather. I tried to order a movie and got a black screen of death- nothing. Had to call three times to get 'reimbursed' for the movie that did not play.

I am incredibly unhappy. We are not getting what we are paying for. When we first got direct tv (years ago) we loved it. Now, I would NOT recommend direct tv to anyone. If you pay your bill and turn your tv on and the cable/satellite doesn't work then you're getting ripped off.

And there is no way to email a customer issue. And calling customer service is a joke. So here I am, posting this for everyone to see...

Any response from Direct TV/ATT?

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