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A few issues are causing me to look into layer 3 tv, and so far i can save quite a bit if i change my tv service to them and add a couple of streaming services. My bill rarely goes below $275.00 a month. I can honestly say that my Comcast bill is higher than my gas and electric bill combined, more than my car payment and definetly more than auto insurance !!!. Next, why is comast charging customers an extra $1 dollar for ordering an HD movie for viewing when you are already paying for the Hd technology fee every month at a cost of $9.95 a month ???. You also charge me $17.95 a month for Digital preferred ,what is that ? ,I have 4 additional outlets at $5.95 a month per outlet, 3 of wich i don't need since my son moved out, I'll defintely be returning those, and discontinuing Stream pix, it's useless reruns and old stuff. I have been experimenting with Sreaming services and i gotta tell you they are just as good if not bettter and a lot cheaper. At the end of the day i realize I can do without most of what I get from Comcast, it will just take a little getting use to it. My comcast bill just arrived .at $318.88 this month, granted I ordered 5 movies, which won't happen again, i have netflix now,and that the most I have paid in 6 years of service to comcast. I have paid close to $3,500 a year on average for the last6 years with comcast. it started out good , but just like politicians sticking it to the taxpayers, Comcast has found a way to stick it to the customer, ... I have decided that at the end of Jan 2017 I will cut the cable. It was good while it lasted but i can live without you and if you loose a lot of customers you won't think you are too big to fail. Eddie

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