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To whom it may concern:

With all the publicity several months ago, I ordered a TV Converter Box coupon worth $40. I had an information sheet from the Denver Post, explaining we needed to "convert" by February 17, 2009. Because I like to be ready ahead of time, today I took my $40 coupon to Radio Shack in Longmont, CO to purchase a converter box and a newer updated antenna. It was as I was handing the clerk my Mastercard and the $40 coupon that he informed me the coupon was outdated....listing 6/26/2008 as the date up to which it was valid.

I had never looked at the coupon when it arrived, having put it away for safe keeping. Believing I had up until February 17, 2009 to purchase my converter box with the coupon, I felt I had more than enough time, shopping today for my converter box.

Perhaps the information regarding a date limitation had been said somewhere, sometime, and in some way, but I was totally unaware! How do I get a new $40 coupon to replace the one I received with the number, #-----edited by admin, in raised letters on it??

edited by admin, please avoid posting address and telephone #'s on the forum. We will be able to help you without this informaion.

Jason Fritz

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Hello Jean and welcome to the forum,
As of this moment, expired coupon holders are waiting patiently for Congress to modify or enact legisilation to allow for re-application of the converter box coupons.

As soon as we hear something, we'll post it to the forum. Until then, hold on to your expired coupons, and write your local representative https://forms.house.gov/wyr/welcome.shtml about your experience with the converter box coupon program.

For more information about expired coupons: Converter Box Coupon Update: Relief for Expired Coupons? | TVConversionhelp.com