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So I have a indoor antenna that is rated for 40 miles and it picks up most of my local channels from my window. There is one station kcen-tv that is 6 miles further out (42 miles) than the ones I pickup already. My travel trailer has an roof mounted amplified antenna on it but it will not pickup that one station either. It is a new trailer but I could not determine the manufacturer of the antenna. Not concerned about picking it up in trailer just in my house. Stations I can pick up are KXXV, KWTX, KWKT.

I have a 39" j pole mount for my roof I just need a suggestion for what outdoor antenna to use. I looked at several on ebay but all have bad reviews so I decided to not pull the trigger yet and do some more research. Thanks.

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Your antenna survey isn't very promising for a lot of channels. Can you rerun the survey at the maximum possible height you could mount an antenna? Even a few feet higher may make a difference.

If there is no nearby blockage in the direction of the transmitted signals any decent high VHF/UHF combo antenna aimed at about 109 degrees magnetic should get the first four stations on the list. The PBS station might be a bit of a challenge, but with 47 degrees difference you might be able to work out a compromise aim. Here are a couple that I would suggest.
AntennaCraft UHF/High-Band VHF Outdoor HDTV Antenna (HBU33) from Solid Signal
Stellar Labs VHF/UHF HDTV 60 Mile Fringe Yagi Antenna | 30-2440 (302440) | Stellar Labs
Any of the antennas in the Antennacraft HBU line would probably work. The HBU 11 might be too small to do the job. The Stellar Labs 30-2440 is the smallest antenna I can suggest for your location. Antenna mileage claims are complete nonsense.
Report at 25' instead of 20'
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Unfortunately 20' is as high as I can go without purchasing a new mount. If I need to I can purchase something different, but for now I figured I would just try with my j pipe mounted at the highest point on my roof. I'm not really sweating getting a bunch of channels just trying to get that one channel because it broadcasts football on sundays. I don't watch much TV, just football on Sundays mainly.


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If you are simply looking for football, and don't need PBS, a decent UHF/VHF high combo antenna like RF Steve suggests pointed at 107 degrees will get the 4 major networks plus any sub channels. If you split the aim point between 107 and 153 (130 degrees) you should be able to get the 4 major networks plus PBS. That will give you 11 channels with the sub channels (ABC, CBS, CW, NBC, Cozi, MeTV, THIS, FOX, MynetworkTV, PBS, and Create. KAKW does have "Get TV", and soon "Escape", but it may be to far to the south to get on a single antenna.


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Either one of the antennas Steve recommended. If you point to 135 degrees you should be able to get all the top 5 stations on your report.