Question: outdoor antenna in New Bedford, MA


tv fool: TV Fool I want to put up an outdoor antenna using my dirctv dish j pole. It is located on a back porch roof 10 ft high. my roof is 24 ft high to the start of the roof. I will need to go up an additional 5 ft to clear the roof and aim the antenna nw. Any suggestions on antenna and installation greatly appreciated thank you
Install a gable or wall-mounted mast and get the antenna up in the air so it isn't behind your own roof, for starters. J-mounts are not intended to be extended.

As for the antenna selection, you first need to sit down and figure out precisely what you want to achieve as far as stations received. If you do it right, you should score both Boston and Providence stations. It will take a medium to long range setup.
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You have a terrific antenna signal review and you should be able to receive all of the channels (and their subchannels) at the top of the report. DO NOT select an amplified antenna.