Outlaw on the way out


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NBC halted production of Outlaw, the Jimmy Smits drama where he plays a US Supreme Court Justice who resigns to fight for the individual instead of having to look at the big picture all the time. I actually like this show for the most part. Actually, I don't like the playboy image and gambling crap, but the actual cases dealt with are topical and intriguing. They did one on Arizona's immigration law and another one on the car defects. Anyway, there are 4 more now, and if the ratings don't pick up, it'll be canned permanently. It's a shame; it's a good premise.


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It's on, on Friday's right? I think I watched it last night, lol can't remember for sure but it wasn't bad. The whole gambling debt premise for a US Supreme Court Justice seems so far fetched though. Hope they don't get cancel the show yet. I just added it to my Tivo que. :)


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Yes, that's the one. It's not a big part of the story. It's more the borders of it, and I think it's because they want him to have an imperfect personality, but to me, it's a distraction and doesn't work. The actual case portions are great, though.