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Early this morning a local AM radio station played a YouTube audio recording that is linked below. It reminded me of a similar interaction a friend shared with me with me about six months ago.

My best friend Charlie (C) lived with his lady Terri (T) sixteen years as domestic partners and sadly, about thirty months ago she was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Six months ago T passed and my friend C was named as the Executor of her Estate. Her Will directed their co-owned home to be sold and a portion of the proceeds was aimed toward her Mother (in her 90's) to provide for her needs. A nice plan everyone agreed to.

The original Comcast contract was in T's name, so C needed to make changes to it and to some other bills such as QWest/Century Link regarding their land line telephone. Their Customer Service person changed the billing details on the first call without a problem and it took about eight minutes.

Then, C called Comcast and explained the same information: He was Executor of T's Estate and the existing contract with Comcast needed to be changed. He explained their house would be listed for sale soon, so he needed to change the service to a month-to-month relationship and have it billed to his name. Since the sale date of the home was unknown, a long-term contract would be foolish (obviously). The Comcast "Customer Service" person was willing to change the billing of the existing service but it included disconnect/reconnect installation charges and locking C to a 24 month contract.

This was unacceptable, so he asked to speak with a Supervisor ... and he was parked on hold for a few more minutes. When the Supervisor came on the phone, C told the same story from start to finish and he was offered nothing different. C became fed up with this guy's BS and said he wanted to terminate T's relationship with Comcast ... and finally at this point, to "save" a customer for Comcast the Supervisor finally authorized monthly billing and agreed to 'forget' the uninstall/reinstall charges. C told me it took almost 90 minutes to finally establish an arrangement he could agree with. C&T's home was listed for sale about ten days ago.

This audio link will blow you away. [video=youtube;jX6WN-qsBFI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX6WN-qsBFI[/video]
The call was not that outrageous compared to the average conversation I've had with Time Warner Cable. Contrary to what this service rep says, Comcast is the very LOWEST rated company in the U.S. in terms of customer service, which of course is the only rating that matters. That's what the customer is paying for -- service.

But the call was not that bad compared to the fact the odds are approximately 100 to 1 against this customer receiving a "final bill" in three weeks as promised. The only way to disconnect from these people is to stop paying. If you were foolish enough to go on an automatic payment plan, you will probably have to close your bank account and open a new one under a different number. Many people have to resort to this. They often report more bills with extra months past the disconnection date, and added disconnect fees. One fellow says this has been going on for two years, despite the older bills going to a collection agency.


Has anyone who worked these CS jobs ever come out later and said it is all planned out that way? In other words...the CS people and managers are NOT that stupid, they are just following orders. I had a friend who worked for a car dealer. he was a CS person. he told me he was sent to training classes on how to get people to buy things they don't need. he knew he could not do that. he left that job for a postal delivery job. He said he just had enough of trying to rip customers off.
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