Over Charging on Installation and Billing for ATT Uverse and Direct Tv! False Adverti

My actt number is 155417855

I currently moved out and I received many advertisement ads from ATT about a deal that is $80 bucks a month which includes unlimited internet and direct tv. I went online and got the deal which stated that installation is free, free $450 gift card and because I went paperless I would get an extra $10, NO service charge, and lastly that my bill would be $80 per month. I foolish went into it believing that ATT was a good and honest company who wouldn’t scam people! ATT & DIRECT TV ARE THE BIGGEST SCAMMERS! I did my online quote and someone was supposed to come and do my installation. No one showed up. When I called, I was told that my quote didn’t exist. Luckily I printed out 2 copies of the quote I did online. I talked to a man who processed my quote AGAIN! He charged me $26 for installation which I was not supposed to get charged for anything. So I called back and spoke with another rep who ensured me that that person made a mistake and that she will put in an complicate for me and I should get a refund. I took about 2 weeks for me to get my stuff installed. After getting it installed, my internet didn’t work. I called and was told that if I was unhappy I should go someone else. Two days later, a tech came and finally fixed it. At this point, I thought that everything should be fine now. WRONG again!!!! My bill came in from Direct Tv for $50 and then another from ATT for $206 I got charged a $99 fee, $50 fee and an $40 fee on top of me getting charged $26 which I never got back. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!!!! I called att and was told that I signed an agreement on paying for installation and she couldn’t help me. I told her that the quote I did online did said free installation. She did cancel the fee for $99, but was told that she could not do anything about the other fees. I owe $50 to Direct Tv and $106 to Att. As you can see, the total of $156 is very different from the $80 I got as a quote from when I signed up. ALSO, I DID NOT GET ANY VISA CARD FOR $460 THAT I WAS PROMISED AS A PROMTION FOR ATT AND DIRECT TV. I am so disappointed, not only did I get scammed for multiple installation fees, I was mistreated, and over charged for everything. I just found out that ATT was recently sued for overcharging customers. I wonder how many people are victims of this false advertisement scam. For a business so well-known and big, I didn’t think I would be treated so badly. I did signed an 2 year agreement but will have to talk to corporate about leaving due to the lies I have been told. I was sold a lie from these company and i refuse to stay for 2 years, if no one reaches out and help me. Im sick of getting mistreated and and trasnferred from one department to another. I have not paid my bill yet and will not until my prices get adjusted. My bills are due in a couple of days!