Question: Over-the-air reception Gainesville, FL


I am not able to get NBC OTA in my area. I found this post but it's back from '09, so I'm not sure if the equipment recommended is still the best options.

Piggie suggests:
Eagle Aspen DTV2B UHF with the screen never attached
Antenna Craft Y5-7-13
combined into a
Pico Macom UVSJ.

Do I need to convert the Y5 from 300 to 75 with:
Winegard TV-2900

I would like to put this in my attic, so I'm not sure if there is a better option than the Y5 since it's 3'x5' in size.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post!


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What would really help us is if you would post the URL for the "radar plot" report for your address from TV Fool. Use the antenna height that you plan on mounting your antenna. That way we can tell what we're looking at. Your address will be hidden from view, so you don't need to worry about that.

Another, more compact option for a high VHF antenna (WNBW on RF9 being NBC) is the Antennas Direct C5. It's considerably more expensive than the Y5713, but is more compact and comes with a 300 to 75 ohm balun and a UVSJ.

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If you are referign to WESH its gonna take alot of effort and/or luck, and be placed outside, probably on a mast, still interested? Let us know


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Thanks for the reply, Dan. Here is the url from TV Fool.

TV Fool

Based on your TVfool I'd consider using an Antennas Direct C2 pointed at 208 degrees magnetic (half way between 172 and 250) and an Antennas Direct C5 or Antennacraft Y5713 pointed at 250 degrees magnetic. WUFT should be strong enough to come in on the back of the C2.


Yeah, WNBW is the closest NBC station. Thank you dkreichen1968 for the info, but I'm affraid that the Antenna Direct antenna are too rich for my blood. Any other 'more economical' antenna suggestions are greatly appreciated.