Over-the-air TV Revenue and Viewership starting to slide

According to this MSNBC article.

Did you watch Modern Family, Survivor, or Law & Order: SVU last week? If so, you were a member of a dwindling club -- the Nielsen ratings for all three of these broadcast TV stalwarts dipped to their lowest levels in years, if not all time. Competition from cable and other media continues to chip away at what used to be big TV's nearly unassailable market share.
Wow, isn't this kind of opposite of what we've been seeing/posting here lately where cable TV subscribers have been dwindling and antenna sales have been much higher over the past 3-4 years?

Meanwhile, big media continues to pump out endless variations of tired old formulas. Every season sees a host of new sitcoms, one or two crime procedural series, and the occasional reality show. These onetime revenue pumpers aren't drawing like they used to -- the aforementioned Law & Order: SVU, for example, tied its lowest rating of all time last week.
I've got news for the article writer, cable keeps pumping out the same ole crap too.


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Let's see, I like Castle and Wipeout on ABC, otherwise the rest of their stuff is crap. Survivor has been on for how any years? Stuff's got to come to an end sometime!!! L&O SVU... Come on, it was disturbing and overly politically correct years ago. This article doesn't point out that while these shows "jumped the shark" years ago they are still better rated than cable.


My wife and I like the Wed ABC comedies, she watches Bones, Glee, Raising Hope, we watch the Fox Sunday nite shows and PGA golf on whatever network is showing it over a weekend. Most of our viewing is on the 7 PBS channels we get and watching shows via PlayOn with XBMC and it's add-ons.



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I'm cured of American Idol. It's no longer on my radar, I'm happy to say. I love The Voice, though, though the judges are beginning to irk me after 2 seasons. I still watch CSI and Criminal Minds, which made the top 10 shows. CSI has new breath to it and I'm enjoying it, which is a huge surprise to me.