Overcharged me and then refused to refund me my money! - DirecTV

In November someone from direct tv called and said for being with direct tv and being such a loyal customer I could get showtime and Cinemax for free for 3 months, I agreed because it was free. When I got my bill the next month it was about $40 extra, when I tried calling several times I was basically told screw you and they wouldn't refund my money. I was first told that I had to call a different number because they couldn't do anything about it, but with that number all I got was an answering machine. I called again and they said they could
not do anything, called a third time and was told that they viewed those charges as legitimate charges, I told the young man I was talking to that if I didn't get my $40 back I was going to a different tv provider. He said he was sorry that I felt that way. I then called to say that I was switching and then they said they would refund my money only if I agreed to stay with them, really I just want my $40 dollars credited back to my account that they stole from me. I would never agree to increase my bill direct tv is already so expensive. I want my money back, for being such a loyal customer you sure screwed me over!

This question, "Overcharged me and then refused to refund me my money!," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.
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