Pace PXD01ANI (XiD-P) HD DTA setup/diagnostic access - XFinity

Is there a setup/diagnostic screen I can access for the Pace PXD01ANI (XiD-P) HD DTA? Attached is a pic of the HD DTA and remote in question. After searching, I tried holding 7, 5, Info, Menu, but nothing happens.

I'm asking because I want to check if there is an option to choose a 4:3 override to make SD channels fit my screen.

I have the HD DTA connected to my TV via HDMI. HD channels are fine. SD channels have the black borders all around. I can use the TV's zoom to fill the screen, but then HD channels also get stretched, unless I switch back to normal.

This question, "Pace PXD01ANI (XiD-P) HD DTA setup/diagnostic access," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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