Pace RNG110 all lights flashing - XFinity

I'm helping my grandmother get her main TV set up after she returned from Florida.

This box worked fine for her for a while, she said it stopped working and then she left for FL for a few months and returned and was hoping to get it started up again...I came over to have a look. It was unplugged from the wall...I figured this was going to be pretty easy but once I plugged it in all the lights on the front started flashing simultaneously. I verified she had a 5V adaptor (that also indicated it was for the RNG110) and called Comcast support.

Long story short, they had me unplug the box, flashed it (I saw the box "react" with its lights flash differently), and still no luck, so they had a tech come out a few days later (when I wasn't there). The tech said my grandmother will need to have an electrician (he handed my grandmother his recommended company to do this) run a new coaxial cable and in the meantime took one of her "smaller" (sorry, not sure what these are called, they are the size of a cellphone) cable boxes from her kitchen and hooked it up to the same coaxial cables and it worked fine.

Should I try getting her a new RNG110 box from the Xfinity Store first? Seems a little suspect that everything worked fine with no issues before and now she needs an outside company to come in and re-wire...while the smaller (maybe non-digital?) box works fine.

Thanks in advance for any comments/ideas. Let me know if any further information could help here.

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