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I just picked up a PACE UDTA to replace the old DTA that had the old little black remote and am using it with HD service just fine. However the 4:3 channels do not appear as they do on a full-fledged HD set top box. The UDTA has the smartbox and the channel info and the guide taking up the full picture, but the channel content itself is forcefully in 4:3 mode while playing on 16:9. Thus its in approx 75% box instead of stretched wider like the HD Set top box does. (There appears to also be no option in the menu or hidden menu to force this like there is on the HD set top box). Is there any known way to fix this other than putting the TV itself in 4:3 mode by hand every time on a 4:3 channel especially for channels that don't have an HD equiv (there aren't many left I know but still)? It's not so much a nuisance for me personally but the other folks in my house are not very tech savvy. If attached images of what it looks like are necessary I can provide examples.

This question, "Pace UDTA won't stretch 4:3 SD channels," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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