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My primary residence is in the 92692 area code. My Direct TV service is in the 93546 area code. I NEED my South Orange County networks to be part of whatever package I choose to have with my Direct TV. I have been a Direct TV customer since about 1999. Up until a month ago I was receiving my South Orange County networks ( ABC NBC CBS ) in my Direct TV package. Then, in November 2016 I called to reduce my package because I was not using my Direct TV in my 93546 area code. I was wasting too much money. So, the person I dealt with on the phone decided to use my cell phone number for my Direct TV account ( 949-380-9461 ) The old number that was being used was 760-924-8806. I believe my loss of my So. Orange County networks happened because of this person changing my phone number on my Direct TV account.
I need my so orange county networks to be available to me in my package on my Direct TV. Please make this happen or I must cancel Direct TV altogether. I need this from you. Whatever you have to do to make it happen, please do it a.s.a.p.
Please respond to this message . or 949-380-9461.
Thank you.
Christina Kirkpatrick

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