Palm Springs (NPG) negotiations - DirecTV

Email that I sent to NPG/Stutz,

We appreciate being able to reach out to you via the NPG website. The following is what is printed on that website:

KESQ and CBS Local 2's parent company, News-Press and Gazette Broadcast (NPG) has been attempting to negotiate with DirecTV since September 6th and agreed to eight short-term contract extensions in an effort to avoid the disruption. On Thursday, January 19th, one week after the blackout began, DirecTV called for a single-day Sunday exemption. NPG President of Broadcast Mike Meara declined, stating "DirecTV has been consistently slow and unrealistic in its negotiating. It is unfair that DirecTV is placing its customers in the middle of this, just as it is unfair for them to expect NPG to accept terms dissimilar to what we have agreed to with other providers."

There is really no way to know which company is being truly transparent in the updates regarding these negotiations, because the DirecTV website has printed just the opposite of what reflects in your statement. The only true statement is that this is unfair, but it’s not DirecTV that is placing its customers in the middle, it is both companies. Not to mention the local advertisers that are suffering.

We the subscribers to DirecTV, who ultimately pay NPG through that service should not be put in this position, nor should the advertisers. It’s just the same whenever there is a strike…..the companies involved put the burden on the backs of those who are the ones paying. So we pay twice!

There should be a regulatory mediation to step in and force a resolution prior to this type of situation happening.

At the end of the statement on NPG website it offers the subscribers the choice to call DirecTV (which I have) and get compensated. We also pay you. Where do you feel that you also need to compensate the subscribers? We are paying for and watching your programs though the normal process of another third party.

Please get back to the business of making sure we are able to view our shows and our advertisers!

Thank you,

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