Pam Or Karen?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
If I was Jim, I cant honestly say that I would have chosen Pam. I dont know if Karen is really better, but she is a manager now, obviously more successful than a receptionist. I think Jim has so much going for him and Pam is kind of a "yes man" not challenging him at all.
Anyone vote for Karen too?
Absolutely. Pam is a lot nicer and really likable. Yeah Karen is hot too. But really, Pam is amazing. Jim and her are just a perfect, perfect match.
And I really, really hope the writers never split them up. If they did, I'm sure would cry or something. And I'm a guy! LOL
Honestly, Pam all the way.


I'm team Pam, too. Those two are perfect for each other, and there have been times when she stood up to Jim, and they complement each other perfectly. Karen is great, too, just for someone else.