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Pan Am is going proactive in hopes of getting a 2nd season on TV. I actually like the show, though I think they are a bit too spy-driven, which wasn't at all what I expected when I first tuned into the show. Aspects of it intrigue me, others not so much, but shows need time to find themselves. I'd like to see it get a second season and see what happens. Ah, that usually means it's dead in the water. I seem to like things others don't. LOL

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ABC’s 1960s drama Pan Am is taking to the web in an effort to keep interest alive in the freshman drama, whose fate for a season renewal has yet to be decided. Show producer Sony Pictures TV is offering up the series’ first nine already-aired episodes, including the pilot, free at the iTunes Music Store beginning today through January 5. Episodes also are being made available via Amazon, Vudu, CinemaNow, Sony Video Unlimited and PlayStation Store. The show is currently on hiatus and returns to ABC with new episodes on January 8. So far, 14 episodes of the 1960s-set series have been ordered — the last added after some back-and-forth negotiations between Sony TV and ABC. The network said it won’t decide whether to bring back the show for Season 2 until May; in March, Pan Am is being replaced on the schedule by midseason dramedy GCB.


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Wow, free? My girlfriend dressed up as a Pan Am girl this past Halloween. lol Haven't seen the show yet though. It does seem like a last ditch effort by ABC.

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Mr Pogi,

My Sister was a Pan American stewerdess in the mid-1960s when they wore more traditional garb. One of her jobs was to plug the sniper bullet holes in the 707s immediately after take-off so they could pressurize the cabin. Yes, she flew in and out of Vietnam.