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hello everyone

i have a question, there you had a brand national panasonic , which one later now is just panasonic?

just wonder why the brand was national panasonic

is a dumb question but well

best regards


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The company now known as Panasonic was originally known as M a t s u s h i t a Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. They started making bicycle lamps in Japan. Konosuke M a t s u s h i t a started using the brand "National" in the hope that it would be used nationally (in Japan).

Panasonic was used when they started making speakers and exporting them. Pan - Worldwide, Sonic - Sound.

National was actually the main brand, but Panasonic has worldwide success, so they slapped the "Panasonic" name at the end of the national brand.

They did phase out the National brand within the last few years and the company is no longer called Matsush i ta.

Technics was a brand used for their audio equipment. Now they just use it for turntables, headphones and mixers.

A lot of Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) cars came with stereos made by M a t s u s h i t a co. and they were branded "National." I believe Toyota and I believe Nissan were major clients of theirs (Honda used Alpine mostly) but outside of Japan they were never branded as National.

In fact a lot of appliances they made for use in Japan bore the "National" mark including rice cookers which were very popular.

The National brand was killed off in 2009.
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Incidentally a lot of companies were founded for reasons totally unrelated to their current business.

Panasonic started off making bicycle lamps. Nintendo started off making playing cards. A&P grocery store is actually the "The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea company" that sold tea mail order. Even my cable company, Service Electric, started off as an appliance store, where the owner ran a cable down from the mountain to demonstrate TV sets in his store and connected people along the way.

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About 15 years ago I met the son of the owner of Panasonic, Hiro Matsush ita, several times at Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA. The track was named Seattle International Raceways at the time. He was racing a Formula Atlantic (FA) in SCCA races I was officiating and trying to land a spot in Indy Car racing, which is one step above FA cars. He is a very nice fellow.


*((currently) Formula Atlantics (FA) are 1600cc, with ground effects tunnels and wings. they have either been space frame or aluminum monocoque over the years, with increasing amounts of carbon fiber more recently.)


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well thanks for yours replies, is just funny because even we had an portable radio of the brand National Panasonic well i have seen old stereos of that brand too of years 1980 or 1970s.

best regards
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