Panasonic TC-P65ZT60: 65" HD Plasma TV Review

The TC-P65ZT60 is part of Panasonic's ZT60 Series lineup of Plasma HDTVs. The pricing for the series was announced on May 20th, and the HDTV sets are now available for purchase exclusively until July 31st at the 400 or so Magnolia locations in Best Buy. Retail expansion will commence after that date.

The Suggested Retail Price for the 65" ZT60 is $4099.00.

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This HD features a "Beyond the Reference" Studio Master Panel which is said to significantly enhance the picture quality by producing deeper black levels. And with the Ultimate Black Filter Technology, external light shading, light transmittance, and clarity is improved. In bright environments, the new panel boasts reflection reduction capabilities which produces an overall sharper picture.

The new panel driving method and panel structure that features "Air Gapless Technology" is what the TV owes to it's improved black levels and crystal clear picture.

Features for the TV include: a personal customized home screen (My Home Screen), a sharing hub for personal media including videos and photos (Swipe & Share 2.0), a voice controlled accessibility function (Voice Recognition / Guidance), cloud and Internet access (VIERA Connect), plus interactive gaming and photo describing (Electronic Touch Pen).

Panasonic TC-PZT60 reviews

A CNet editor (herein simply called "CNet") says that the TC-PZT60 TVs are "closer than ever to perfect picture quality."

View attachment 2506 CNet talks about the picture quality for this plasma as be "the best all-around picture quality available," offering the deepest black levels compared to other TVs in the same class. It is mentioned that the 3D picture quality is "very good" and that there are two pairs of 3D glasses included with the sets. Plus, there is plenty of Smart TV content that ships with the television.

CNet finds that the unit is pricey, calling it "exceedingly expensive." The Samsung F8500 plasma of LED LCD TVs are better suited for extremely bright environments than the TC-PZT60, according to the review. Interesting, as Panasonic makes reference to the bright room performance as one of the standout features. Also mentioned is that the Panasonic VT60 offers identical picture quality in dark-room environments as the reviewed set.

Cnet's conclusion: "For those who can afford it, the Panasonic TC-PZT60 comes closer than any TV yet to picture-quality perfection."
HDGuru considers this set to be their "Top Pick for Best HDTV" because of how impressed they were with quality of the picture. The sum the picture quality up in one word which is "extraordinary."

They tested the TV from multiple sources including Blu-ray, cable TV, and streaming video content. They were "constantly impressed by the accurate dark detail reproduction, HDTV color, and the deep, deep blacks."

They went as far as to say that there is no other HDTV this year so far that "is capable of producing blacks this deep." They don't intend to offer a 5 heart rating to any other TV than the TC-PZT60 unless it meets or exceeds the minimum benchamark of this set.

They call it "the best display we have tested to date."