Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C5 - Is 720p good enough for 32" HDTV?



I'm hoping I can get some good feedback on the TC-L32C5 which is a 32" 720p HDTV by Panasonic.

My questions are:

Is 720p a good enough resolution for a TV this size?

The LC-L32C5 is currently $349.64 at Amazon. Are there any other 32" HDTVs that I should consider for this price?


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Yeah you should be fine with 720p for 32", but as mentioned, less than 5' away might not make for a good viewing experience with 720p.

1080p is not that much more money by the way.


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I have a Panasonic tcp42s2 and 720P looks fine for be an plasma display with 1080p panel

also 720P is the basic HDTV resolution that a big panel must have, everything is broadcasted or in 1080 or 720P which is an improvement of the 480P resolution offered by DVDs in the past

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For about $50 more, you could go with the Vizio E3D320VX which is 32" and has 1080p resolution. You'd also get wi-fi and apps such as Netflix and Hulu Plus.