Panasonic wants to standardize 3D glasses

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From the article:

"One of the major reasons why 3D television manufacturers have been struggling to get consumers on board is the pricey and proprietary glasses that many of the sets require in order to view 3D programming. Overcoming expensive proprietary equipment in favor of standardization is, however, part of the growing pains that many industries experience, and now Panasonic is working to take that step in every facet of the 3D market."

Panasonic seeks support for M-3DI universal 3D glasses | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics


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Actually this reminds me of the smartphone market and one of the reasons I've never embraced it. I just don't like that to get Verizon, you have to buy a new phone, or to get Sprint, you have buy their phone, and if you want ATT, you have to buy their phone, etc. Buying phones every two years just is ridiculous to my old fashioned way of thinking.