Pandora no longer supported - DirecTV

All of a sudden between late Friday 01/20/17 & Saturday 01/21/17, Pandora stopped working through Direct TV. After verifying my Internet was working & resetting the receiver a few times I called. I was 1st told it was my Internet. I was then told I didn't get the latest update & needed to reset, which I already had done. I was finally told that Direct TV was no longer supporting Pandora and it just wasn't going to work anymore even though the feature would still show up in my extras. When I asked why there was no notification sent out on this the rep just said sorry she couldn't help me. I have searched all through direct TVs forums and on Google and there is no information on this. Sounds to me like the rep had no idea and just got rid of me. Anyone else having issues or have answers?

This question, "Pandora no longer supported," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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