Pandora not working - No music playing - DirecTV

This has started within the last 2 weeks. Previous to this,, over the past year, I have not had any issues with Pandora playing (my receiver is 1 year old).

When I invoke Pandora on my main receiver, the following occurs:
1. Pandora app is invoked and it goes to the Pandora screen.
2. Previously, when all worked find, the Pandora app would begin playing whatever the last music channel that I selected. Now, I see a "small flash" at the bottom of the screen with the "pause" symbol and verbiage on the lower right hand side that I think says "Skip this song", etc. However, it is only visible for a second and then disappears. The screen that is left is just a generic screen that says to select one of my music channels.
3. When I try to select any of the music channels, it first looks as though it is playing a channel already (but there is no sound). I select a new channel and it goes back to the screen that says to select my music channel. There is no music or sound coming out.
4. When I hit the "exit" key to leave the Pandora app, it goes to an all blank screen. No sound or picture. I have to physically type in a direct tv channel before I get sound and picture from direct tv. Previously, when all was working correctly, if you hit the exit key, it would prompt you in the bottom right to "exit Pandora" or "stay on Pandora". If you chose exit, you immediately went to the direct tv channel you were previously watching (sound and picture would appear).

On my wireless receivers, it was always hit and miss on whether Pandora would work. Sometimes it would and sometimes it would give a message about data packets and not work. However, when I started last night to try and get the wireless receiver to work with Pandora, the following occurred"
1. I invoke Pandora and it goes to the Pandora screen much as described above. Numbers 1, 2, and 3 above were exactly what was happening on the wireless receiver.
2. However, when I would hit exit to leave the app (since no sound was playing), the wireless receiver went into almost a "no man's land". The video would stop going to the TV and the TVs would state that the video signal was lost.
3. Only way to get out of this is to power everything back off and then back on. Once I did this, it would start showing the DirectTV sound and picture.
4. this never occurred when all was working correctly.

I tried the following myself to fix the problem:
1. Reboot main receiver;
2. Reboot modem, etc;
3. Reboot wireless setup;
4. Signed out of Pandora and reactivated Pandora (with a prompt given to me from
Nothing solved the issue.

I called support and they stated that an issue was opened on Sept. 29 which described issues with tuning into channels. they thought this might be related to my problem. I was given a "caddie number" which is used to track this issue and they signed my email address up to get updates. However, in seeing other issues with Pandora on this forum, it appears that it takes "months and months" before things are fixed. Very disappointing.

If I can provide further information to help debug and fix this problem, please contact me.

This question, "Pandora not working - No music playing," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


Pandora not working

I am experiencing the exact same issue. Nothing I have tried has restored Pandora music.



ATT Sucks!!!

Same Pandora issue for me. Directv took a big dump once ATT got involved, they are such a loser company.

Guest Terry

I have the same problem of no music, but when I bring up Pandora and select one of my stations, the screen says, "Select a Pandora station or select Create....." Each time I select a station, this note pops up music!!


I've been waiting since June on an escalation from directv on my HD receiver while my Genie HD receiver worked until recently. Submitted same for this receiver but don't expect much help. They say it's a software issue in their receivers they are trying to fix but after 4 months and no solution I really wonder if they'll fix anything. I told my rep at directv they will lose lots of customers with that kind of poor service. Agree that since ATT took over this company is going down. And the gall of the rep to try and sell me another service like warranty on the same call shows me they are not interested in customer service just making money!
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