Pandora on X1. Screensaver and TV Audio bleed



Hi. Pandora audio works as expected, but after a few minutes, the Xfinity screensaver comes on and the music continues to play. Pressing any key on the remote causes the Pandora screen to reappear, but at this point, the audio from the TV channel that was tuned to comes through the speaker at the same time. There is no way to stop that unless we exit out of Pandora and go back in. Then, the same thing happens again. Steps to reproduce.

  1. Select Apps/Pandora
  2. Select a station
  3. Music plays
  4. Screensaver will come on
  5. All is fine unless you wake up the system, at which point audio from whatever channel was on bleeds through and you hear both Pandora music and more quietly, TV sound.
  6. To resolve, exit out of Pandora and go to step 1.
  7. Happens every time.

System info.

  • Release Version: 105.1.1
  • Release Timestamp: 11/12/19 3:49PM
  • XRE Protocol Version: 2.8.0
  • Receiver: Native Version: 3.6.0
  • STB Timestamp: 15-Aug-2019 9:40:35 AM UTC
  • eCM MAC: ##########
  • STB Version: PX001AN_3.6p8s1_PROD_sey
  • Device ID: ######
  • Device Name: box
  • Environment: or1-uq

Thank you.

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