I don't understand how parents can let their kids get that out of control. I mean they have no dicipline whatsoever. I just don't get how they are like that. It's great that Super Nanny comes and saves the day but I mean com'on...if your kids are hitting you make them stop and you have to do it at an early age.


You are right. You have to set boundaries for your children at an early age or they lose all respect for your authority. It is much harder to instill discipline in them or to teach them self-discipline later, than earlier.
Some of the women on there that let their 3-year-olds beat them and act like they're being overpowered by them because they're "just womenz" drives me NUTS. If you're going to be like that, it's no wonder your kid takes advantage of it. Some of these women need to grow some balls. :D
I think part of the problem is that some parents try to be friends with their kids and don't want to hurt their child's self-esteem so they let them have whatever they want and let them behave however they want. Discipline starts when the child is young. If you wait too long, you end up with brats.


I have seen some of these brats out and about. I do feel for the poor mothers whose children are totally out of control and disrespectful. But, they do need to take some responsibility as to why their kids don't respect them. If kids aren't given boundaries, then they have no reason to have self-control.
Tonygun I agree with you too many parents today are more concerned with "their friendship" with their kids instead of teaching them right from wrong and morals and values. This is why so many kids feel they can just buck up and tell their poor parents what to do instead of listen to them!
I am worried about the next generation if this does not change and soon.


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yes the trick is catch them at an early age and help them grow with manners, they will go through phases but these will be easier to get through once the initial discipline is there.


There are always going to be some problem kids - no matter how early you try to stop the behavior. Look you can raise a great kid, great morals, and manners- and they turn out to be serial killers. Not all bad kids come from bad families.

I have a good daughter- At times she tries my patience- I am on top of things though.

Some of these parents on the show are clueless. Sometimes they have too many kids and they let it go on too long. Just depends.
i can say that i don't like my father brought me, though that was so hard because he is disciplinarian. I'm glad because that made me this way, in my younger years i really don't understand why he have to be so strict later on i understand all they want for me is to be good.


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I am terrified of raising children- it's just so much responsibility! This show is pretty helpful...if I hadn't seen this show, there's no telling how I would end up raising my kids