Partriots vs Jets: Did the Jets even have a chance?


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I know it's only half time, but the Patriots defense is holding the Jets to 0 touchdowns. I wonder what Rex Ryan of the Jets has to say now with all the trash talking he's been doing this past week?

Is there any doubt that it's going to come down to the Green Bay Packers vs Patriots in the Superbowl?


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Well so much for the Pats... Don't think I have anything against the Pats, after all I went to Chadron State College and grew up near North Platte, NE (i.e. Danny Woodhead country). He's kind of a hometown hero back in the hood.


I haven't followed the NFL much at all in the previous year, but I was surprised to see Brady throw that interception, and I thought it may be a bad omen that the Jets weren't able to capitalize on it right then.

Was it the first time he threw an interception in something like 340 pass attempts?