Patricia Blair, 'Daniel Boone' TV Wife, Passes of Breast Cancer


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Texas native and co-star in 'Daniel Boone' TV series Patricia Blair has died according to a report in The New York Times. Blair's electric red hair made her a standout on the screen once color hit the airwaves of American television in the 1960s. She was also tall at 5'9" which made her a popular actress to play opposite actors like 'Daniel Boone' star Fess Parker.

In that western series, Blair played Rebecca Boone for all six seasons, her role feisty and strong as she supported her historic husband and their two children, played by Veronica Cartwright and Darby Hinton (Cartwright's character was eventually killed off, however).

According to the Times, Blair passed away on September 9, a victim of breast cancer. The news of the death came from a friend who lived nearby. Reportedly, the 80 year old actress died in her New Jersey home.

Along with Parker, Chuck Connors was another one of Blair's tall leading men. She appeared during the fifth and final season on his series 'The Rifleman' as yet another capable and strong-willed woman, Lou Mallory, owner of North Fork's saloon.

After the end of the 'Daniel Boone' series, Blair only appeared in a handful of parts, including her last, a theatrical film bit in Robert Redford's 'The Electric Horseman.' Other than that, she kept out of the limelight.

Episodes of 'Daniel Boone' can currently be seen daily on MeTV.

Blair was divorced and had no children.